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Answers to Your Questions.


Why are new students (freshmen and transfer) required to attend an orientation program before they can register for classes?

Nationally and at Washington State University, students who attend an orientation program are retained at higher rates than students who don’t attend. Requiring all new students to attend an orientation program provides Washington State University the opportunity to share with students and their parents/guests the University’s mission, goals, values, and academic expectations; discuss academic policies, procedures and programs; review costs, in terms of both dollars and personal commitment, and expose them to valuable resources and campus-support services aimed at student success, retention and graduation.

Ultimately, orientation/registration programs create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes student action and responsibility, and prepares students to hit the ground running during their first days, weeks, and months.

Do students need to confirm their admission and pay their advanced tuition deposit before attending the program?

Yes. In order to register for and attend Transfer Alive!, students need to confirm their enrollment for fall semester by paying their advanced tuition deposit of $200. If that poses a financial hardship, students should contact the Office of Admissions directly, toll free at 1-888-468-6978 and ask about deferring this payment until the beginning of the semester.

How do I get the orientation hold off my account?

Your orientation hold will be removed on the final day of your orientation session once you have attended all events of the program. Your advising hold will also be removed on the final day after which you will be given an opportunity to sign up for classes.

When do classes begin fall semester?

Classes begin Monday, August 20, 2018.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the first day of class, Monday, August 20, 2018, and will automatically be billed to your student account.

When should students plan to move to Pullman for fall semester 2018?

Week of Welcome 2018 begins with the official university move-in on Wednesday, August 15. While residence hall contracts begin on Saturday, August 11, WSU highly encourages students arrive on August 15 to kick off the college experience with WOW events beginning that night. A few pre-arranged university programs do require early arrival and students will be notified of those dates.

When will I find out which residence hall I've been assigned?

Residence hall and room assignments are available to students beginning in mid-June through the WSU portal. Students can view this information by accessing their myWSU account at  

What if I cannot afford to attend?

The Office of New Student Programs has limited funding available for those who demonstrate financial need. If you have a financial aid award that covers more than tuition and fees, the matriculation fee for Transfer Alive! can be paid using your financial aid. Please use the downloadable (pdf) form and indicate that you would like to use financial aid to pay for your orientation matriculation fee. You will need to sign a consent form upon check in at Transfer Registration Days. Please contact our office at 509-335-4242 for more information.

Do I have to take the placement exams?

As an undergraduate student at Washington State University, you must pass an approved mathematics course and an approved English composition course in order to graduate. The exams are designed to help you fulfill these requirements by placing you in the courses that best match your skills.

With some exceptions, all entering students are required to take the ALEKS, mathematics placement exam. The ALEKS exam is available online on the Department of Mathematics website.

All entering students who have not received equivalent credit for English 101 must take the writing placement exam. Students who have received a score of four or above on the AP English Literature/Comp or AP English Language/Comp Exam will receive credit for English 101 and do not have to take the writing placement exam. Also, students in the Honors College do not need to take the writing placement exam.

If you have questions about courses you would like to transfer to WSU for your English course you can contact the Writing Placement office at 509-335-7959 and visit their website.